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Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer many of the questions we get regarding the brochure, on the registration form, or on this site.  If you still have questions after looking through the site, please let us know by filling out the contact form below.  We'll try to accommodate any concern if we can - our goal is that all young people have a safe and fun experience during which they are strengthened in the knowledge of Jesus Christ and built up as His young disciples.


Should I bring a camera, my cell phone or my pad computer?

There are a lot of opportunities for photo taking, so we do not have a rule against bringing a camera or a cell phone (usually they are one and the same nowadays) -and we understand many parents prefer you to be accessible through your cell phone they pay for.   You may only use your cell phone during free time or when your cabin counselor says it's OK.  A good rule of thumb we follow is the same as most schools: their use is limited to the time when you are not engaged in camp activities and their use may not disturb others.  We ask you not to bring a iPad or laptop computer, as there are too many bad things which can happen to them, and we are not equipped to secure them.  FYI, there is no internet service for campers at Camp Judson, and a small number of electrical outlets in the cabins available to charge cell phones. 

My camper has special medical/dietary needs, what can you do?

We have a Registered Nurse on staff who can handle administering medications as long as she is notified ahead of time.  Please do not rely on your camper to inform us he or she needs medication administered, but inform us of your camper's special need on the registration form or e-mail us.  We can accomodate dietary requirements which do not require preparation of food separately from the fare offered by Camp Judson.  Please let us know on the registration form or drop us a line at if you have a question.

We can't afford the price of the camp; is there help available?

The camp does not maintain a scholarship fund to pick up the cost of campers who need financial help.  Please seek assistance from your local church or Presbytery first before coming to the camp staff. Since we do not want to see any young person who wants to come to camp turned away because of money issues, we will do all we can if your church cannot help.


We can afford to pay MORE than the cost of the camp.  How can we help others who need assistance?

Ok, this is not a frequently asked question, but we would like it to be.  SO, if you can afford to donate beyond the cost of camp so that someone else might be helped, please let us know by e-mail at

Are video game consoles or TVs allowed?
 No. nope. nada. nyet. nein. non. nao. nu. neen. nej. nei. nie. ne. nem. ei. hayir. lo. tidak. o'chi. la. nit. iya. hapana.

That's "no" in over 25 languages.  Let us know if we didn't cover it strongly enough.  :)


I am concerned about water safety.  What safety measures are in place?

Campers may only swim during designated times and only if there is a lifeguard on duty.   The camp must provide its own lifeguard to utilize the swimming area, but Camp Judson provides rescue assisting equipment at the swim site for us to use.  Many of the staff are trained lifeguards and strong swimmers, and we typically ask two or even three of them to act as lifeguards during designated swim times. 


How much spending money should my camper bring to camp?

​All meals are included in the camp price. Campers have an opportunity to buy snacks (candy, ice cream, etc) and some souvenirs at the camp store each day.  The items are reasonably priced (candy and other snacks comparable to grocery store prices); dipped ice cream cones and novelties are $ 2 to 4 apiece.  We go off-site twice - to Mount Rushmore and to a State Recreation Park to swim in the lake.  Admission to the Mt Rushmore National Memorial is free, but there is a snack bar and gift store offering meals, snacks, candy and souvenirs, like books and imprinted knick-knacks for a wide range of (high, silly high) prices.

We'd like to help by donating items for crafts and activities.  What do you need and where can we send it? 

Send us an e-mail at and we'll let you know.  We also plan to visit both the PCA and OPC Presbytery meetings in April to make our needs known more specifically.  Be watching for a list of needs coming to you following your Presbytery's meeting in April.


Who is responsible to plan the camp? 

The OPC-PCA Bible camp is planned by a board representing the Presbytery of the Dakotas (OPC) and the Presbytery of the Siouxlands and Rocky Mountain Presbytery (PCA). Currently, the board consists of Rev. Brad and Ali Irick, Rev. Ethan and Christi Sayler, Rev. Matt Eide, Rev. Tim Marinelli, Rev. Phil Strong, Mrs. Laura Welch, and Mr. Jeff Haan. 


Have a question we didn't cover?

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