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Camp Activities



We have a Worship service on the Lord's Day, then a chapel service every morning, Monday through Thursday. This is a time of worship, prayer and teaching from God's word from one of the pastors on staff.




You'll be attending two bible classes each day, Sunday-Thursday, usually one in the morning and one in the afternoon right after lunch.  You're expected to bring your Bible, notebook and something to write with.  We schedule and assign classes by cabin so just ask your counselor where you need to be.




​Campfire Talks

Every evening, Saturday thru Thursday, all campers will gather in the amphitheater for songs of praise, prayer and teaching from God's Word. Each of the evening campfire talks emphasizes and expands on this subject, which you'll discuss in greater detail duing your cabin time with your counselor and the other campers in your cabin following the talk. 


​Daily Activities

Each day starts at 7:00 AM for personal care, then at 8:00 AM, opening prayer before Breakfast.  After chapel and classes, and depending on the day and weather, a variety of activities will be offered during the afternoons, including crafts, games, hiking, and swimming.  There is a store at the camp for purchasing snacks and souvenirs as well.  


​Off-site Activities

Two days during the week, we'll be going off-site to Mount Rushmore on one day and to a lakeside beach at a State Park. This is a time for fun and to put into action what you've learned at Camp.    



There is a balance of structured activities and freetime built into the schedule for you.  This is your time to do what you want.  Relax and listen to music, catch up on your texting, take a hike to Horse Thief Lake or just hang out on the patio - some of these activities require a staff member to accompany you, but don't be shy about asking!


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